Fresh in San José, Produce by Matox and 44 artists

Fresh in San José, Produce by Matox and 44 artists

Nuno de Matos was invited with 44 international painters from all around the word to participate to the new Fresh Produice event organized by Anno Donini Gallery. Cherri Lakey is the co-fondator of this urban art gallery based in the heart of the silicon valley in San José. The opening is december 2nd, around 7PM > save the date.

anno domini gallery california

Artists from around the world have created hundreds of original works of art for this highly anticipated annual exhibition and affordable art sale. The artists were invited based on their unique artistic vision and contribution to urban contemporary arts and culture.

The 11th Annual FRESH PRODUCE exhibition features 45 artists from 14 countries!

Lina Arias (Columbia), Jason Arnold (USA), Philippe Baudelocque (France), Tyler Bewley (USA), Julie Bilyeu (USA), Christian Breitkreutz (USA), Broken Crow (USA), Lacey Bryant (USA), CAKE (USA), Liza Corbett (USA), Isaac Cordal aka Cement Eclipses (Belgium), DAL (South Africa), Jennifer Davis (USA), Daupo (USA), Mike Egan (USA), Lia Fenix (Brazil), Gilbert1 (France), Rimon Guimarães (Brazil), Hyuro (Argentina), JAZ (Argentina), Rafal Karcz (Poland), Laguna (Spain), Mark Lev (USA), Daniel Jesse Lewis (USA), Limo (France), Limon & Olson (onoffcrew), Jeremiah Maddock (USA), Dale “VN” Marshall (UK), Nuno de Matos / MATOX (France), Danica Novgorodoff (USA) , Gustavo Ortiz (UK), Daryll Peirce (USA), Motel Seven (South Africa), Zéh Palito (Brazil), Noah Ptolemy (USA), Faring Purth (USA), Ro (France), Skount (Amsterdam), Barron Storey (USA), TIKA (Brazil), Jon Todd (USA), Porous Walker (USA), Dave Warnke (USA), Jake Watling (USA), Derek Weisberg (USA), Yumanzumu (Japan), Zilda (France), Zosen (Spain)
street-art-gallery california usa

Opening Reception: Friday, December 2, 2011 RSVP
Preview: Doors open at 7pm / Sale begins at 8pm

Opening Reception is part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS monthly art walk, December 2, 2011. View the full schedule of exhibitions at participating venues:


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