Abstract Calligraphy : New Urban Trends

Abstract Calligraphy : Urban Trends
New Graffiti trends
The Abstract Calligraphy & Urban Graffiti of Nuno de Matos is inspired by art from wide variety of periods in human development: all the way from the days of cave-paintings to the scrawling street art of our fast-paced contemporary society.

This evolution can be seen in the rich layering of acrylic, spray paint, and marker used to create these complex and fluid designs found in each unique modern art canvas.

Abstract urban art has the amazing ability to give any contemporary interior a touch of the seduction of city life. Each graffiti canvas has a marked sense of rhythm and attitude, seemingly glowing with the neon lights and slick streets of a bustling midsummer night.
by Fokal : http://fokal.com/f-1085/abstract-calligraphy-amp-urban-graffiti
new urban trends

by Nuno de Matox


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